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?        What does Event Coordination include? Everything below!


     EVENT COORDINATION TEAM – The “Team” refers to the Sales Person, the Event Coordinator and the Event Manager (and Assistants as needed).    

     WEDDING PLANNING TOOLS - Our questionnaires and helpful hints will demystify the planning process for you.


     LAYOUT DESIGN – We can help you create a professional event layout schematic including ceremony and reception diagrams, seating assignments,           vendor placements, and more.


     TIMELINE ASSISTANCE – Let us help you create the perfect timeline and make sure you stay on track on your Big Day.


     VENDOR RECOMMENDATIONS – We have our favorite vendors; some we can book for you, others we are happy to send you their contact info.


     WEDDING REHEARSAL – The Event Coordination Team will attend your Wedding Rehearsal and orchestrate all of all the wedding ceremony related             details to make sure the wedding party is cool, calm and collected on the Big Day.


Wedding Day:


     EVENT COORDINATOR – Stephanie (see “Meet The Event Coordination Team”) will be on site to orchestrate your wedding day to perfection. During the         event, Stephanie will manage the ceremony and work closely with the Event Manager to make sure everything is operating smoothly.


     EVENT MANAGER – Shaun (see “Meet The Event Coordination Team”) will plan the food and bar services, coordinate the rentals, create the layout               design, and hire all of the staff. During the event, Shaun will coordinate the kitchen and bar set-ups, manage the rentals and other vendors, and work         closely with the Event Coordinator to make sure everything is operating smoothly.


     VENDOR COORDINATION - We will make sure all of your vendors arrive on time, show them where to set-up, and make sure they remain on schedule.


     RENTAL COORDINATION - We will manage the set-up of all event rentals to make sure your layout is executed properly.


     DECORATING – We will help arrange the ceremony site, set the dining tables, etc. 


     TRASH & RECYCLING REMOVAL – Not exciting, but necessary.


* Please Note: Event Coordination is only available as part of The Simplicity Plan. In other words, you must also hire Aloha On The Rocks for Food Service + Bar Service + Event Staffing + Event Rentals in order for us to provide Event Coordination. The “simplicity” of this plan is based on us being an integral part of as many moving parts of an event as possible. The Coordination Team is really part of the bigger Team. An event is guaranteed to run more smoothly if the chef knows the catering staff, the bartender knows the wait staff, and everyone know the Event Coordination Team.



Stephanie Nomura: Stephanie’s confidence is the result of over 10 years of experience. Her calm demeanor and friendly advice is always welcome at any wedding. Stephanie’s special skill is seeing a problem and solving it before anyone else even knew there was a problem.











Shaun Henderson: As owner of Aloha On The Rocks for over 10 years, Shaun has been invited to over a thousand weddings in Hawaii. Shaun has seen other wedding vendors come and go, and venues open and close. Shaun’s longevity in the wedding and event industry is the result of his strong work ethic, keen organizational skills, and sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of someone’s happiest day ever.

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